Established in 1974 ,MAGALUF CHINESE RESTAURANT is first choice for Chinese food in the area. 

The restaurant was completely refurbished in the year 2000 in an authenthic and traditional Chinese style plus addition of first class air conditioning.

The Chef at MAGALUF CHINESE RESTAURANT is certified by Chinese goverment as fully quantified in the cuisine of China and before coming to Mallorca worked for a top restaurant in Shanghai for 15 year. The use of fresh quality products throughout the menu and the friendliness of the staff plus the superb decor of the restaurant make Nº1 place to eat. 


Dim sum is commonly viewed as Cantonese, although other varieties exist, and is prepared as small bite-sized portions of food served in small steamer baskets or on a small plate.

Birthdays & Events

In our Chinese restaurant you can also celebrate events or birthdays. With a special price of banquets in the most oriental style.

About Us​

The austere and elegant installations, and friendly service managed by maitre Zhen Wei Bao restaurant a real treat for those wanting a special dining experience in Magaluf.

Why is this Nº1 Chinese restaurant in Magaluf? Ask all the British and local customes who return year after year. The restaurant is situated in the center of Magaluf and only a short walk from the beach.